Plans for 2023

My 2023 schedule is currently being planned.

I am booked for a retreat at Kallara Conference Centre in country Victoria, 2-16 June 2023. This retreat is organised by Melbourne Insight Meditation, although it is not  advertised as yet.

Meanwhile I am organising four online retreats, in March (3-12), May (12-21), October (6-15) and November (17-26). Details for registration will be posted here.

Other events are in the pipeline, but as these depend on the inviting organisation coming to a firm commitment I cannot indicate today what these are. As soon as the situation clarifies I will post the details here.

Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Friday 13 to Sunday 22 January 2023

Remembering the Present

This is a residential retreat to be held at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC), at Medlow Bath in the upper Blue Mountains.

In this retreat we will practise mindfulness and explore its nature and application to our daily lives.

To Register
Go to the BMIMC website The organisation for this retreat has been finalised at the time of posting this announcment. Check the retreat schedule page and if the event is advertised, you can register there. Full details of costs and conditions can be found at the website.