Anzac Long Weekend at The Gathering Place, Dickson ACT, 25 - 28 April 2024

This retreat is organised by the 
Canberra Insight Meditation Group (CIMG)

With mindfulness we cultivate a direct, face-to-face relationship with the flow of our everyday experience, rather than live second-hand in our concepts and imaginings. Living first-hand, here, now, rather than in the river of our stories, we open to the possibility of liberation in this very life and as this very person.

The retreat is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. We will explore the Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness from their foundations.

Registration & further information: To register, contact CIMG.

Remembering the Present: An Online Retreat Friday 10 – Sunday 19 May 2024

The Buddha’s way of practice centres on mindfulness, the felt continuity of awareness over time. This practice style applies equally to any and every activity, including the most mundane. Mindfulness is not a practice confined a specialised Dharma Hall or to particular meditation exercise. It is as applicable to preparing dinner as it is to sitting in a special posture on a cushion.

An online retreat is a domestic retreat, one carried out in our own unique circumstances in the midst of the everyday. We come together at certain times of day for instruction, discussion and group practice, then separate to apply our practice to our individual lives. In this way we bridge the gap between the dharmic and the domestic. We discover that the way of everyday life is also the way of awakening.

Costs: We have created a new and more complex pricing structure, designed to make the retreat cheaper for those who are under financial stress. Any questions? Contact Alex, the Retreat Manager.

Benefactor: $350
The Benefactor option is for those who have a higher income or who want to contribute to the funding of those who cannot afford the standard cost. This option includes three interviews.

General: $250
This includes full-time retreat attendance (with three interviews) at an unadjusted price.

Concession: $150
The Concession option grants full participation including three interviews, but at a lower cost. Consider yourself eligible for a concession if paying the full price would cause financial issues. To discuss deeper discounts contact the manager.

Independent: $200
The Independent option is only for experienced practitioners who want full participation but without any individual interviews. It requires approval from the teacher (via the retreat manager) before payment will be accepted.

You can adjust the cost depending on your financial circumstances. Simply type in the amount you want to pay in the box to the right (it should say 200 to begin with).

Weekend: Benefactor: $100; Standard $50; Concession $0.
The Weekend option gives full participation ending on Sunday night – in other words, it ends before interviews begin.

For further information, contact Alexander Cox.

To register, follow this link.

The Way of Insight: A two-week retreat at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), Taiping Malaysia 8 – 22 June 2024

Mahāsi Sayādaw taught the way of insight (vipassanā) through the cultivation of mindfulness (sati). In this retreat we will practise mindfulness and explore its connection with insight. When we are mindful, we become intimate with the arising and ceasing of each individual experience – this experience happening now. When insight arises we recognise the universal patterns of experience, that all experience changes (anicca), fails to satisfy (dukkha) and is neither me nor my possession (anattā).

Morning workshops will teach us the craft of mindfulness practice. Evening dharma talks will look more deeply into the Buddha’s teaching. The day begins with a posture and flexibility session that will help with the physical demands of the practice. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing for these sessions.

Cost: As SBS is a Theravada Buddhist monastery, there is no charge. Participants are invited to offer a financial gift (dāna) to support the Centre and the teacher.

For further information & online application, use this link:

And looking ahead ...

Victoria Winter Retreat, taught with  Robyn Gibson
Location: Pallotti College, 80 McNamaras Road Millgrove Vic 3799.
Dates/times: Friday 16 – Sunday 25 August 2024.
This retreat is organised by Melbourne Insight Meditation. Bookings will open soon.

The way of insight
Location: Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath.
Dates/times: Friday 13 – Sunday 22 September 2024.
Bookings are open. Contact BMIMC.

The Way of Natural Awareness, taught with Emma Pittaway
Location: An online retreat.
Dates/times: Friday 11 – Sunday 20 October 2024.
Bookings will open later this year.

Weekend of Mindfulness, taught with Emma Pittaway
Location: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore.
Dates/times: Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 October 2024,.
Bookings will open later this year.