The Way of Insight: A two-week retreat at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), Taiping Malaysia 8 – 22 June 2024

Mahāsi Sayādaw taught the way of insight (vipassanā) through the cultivation of mindfulness (sati). In this retreat we will practise mindfulness and explore its connection with insight. When we are mindful, we become intimate with the arising and ceasing of each individual experience – this experience happening now. When insight arises we recognise the universal patterns of experience, that all experience changes (anicca), fails to satisfy (dukkha) and is neither me nor my possession (anattā).

Morning workshops will teach us the craft of mindfulness practice. Evening dharma talks will look more deeply into the Buddha’s teaching. The day begins with a posture and flexibility session that will help with the physical demands of the practice. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing for these sessions.

Cost: As SBS is a Theravada Buddhist monastery, there is no charge. Participants are invited to offer a financial gift (dāna) to support the Centre and the teacher.

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