June 11, 2021


Name Melbourne Insight Meditation Email insightretreats@hotmail.com



Remembering the Present – An online retreat

This online retreat exploring mindfulness (sati) and its practice (satipaṭṭhāna) will be conducted through Zoom. Guided bodywork will help develop mindfulness immersed in body (kāyagatā sati). Morning practice workshops and evening dharma talks will integrate practical and theoretical understanding of the practice. The online format will allow us to directly apply our practice to our ordinary, everyday lives.

Participants can attend for three days (over the long weekend) or for the full nine days.

Cost: Three day retreat cost is $280 plus dana for Patrick’s teaching. Nine day retreat cost is $100 plus dana.

This retreat is organised by Melbourne Insight Meditation (MIM). For information and bookings, go to: http://www.melbourneinsightmeditation.org/events–retreats.html.