December 10, 2021


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EXPLORING INSIGHT | An Online Retreat with Patrick

Cultivating the perception of change, the conceit “I am” is abandoned. – Buddha

Mindfulness develops insight into the three universal characteristics of change (anicca), pain (dukkha) and not-self (anatta). We will explore these characteristics in a series of six evening talks, to understand why the Buddha thinks they are so important and how they shape our lived experience.

The practice will emphasise our relationship to body, the five physical sensitivities that ground us in the here-and-now. A daily bodywork session will help develop mindfulness immersed in body.

This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced students. A practice workshop each morning will take you through a graduated presentation of mindfulness practice, starting from the very beginning. Individual interviews will refine your understanding of the meditation method. A dharma talk each evening will deepen the understanding you gain from the practice.

Cost: $250 + dana (“gift”) for Patrick. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, the teaching is considered too valuable to be bought or sold. It can be received and transmitted only as a gift.

To book, click here. For further information, contact Alexander Cox at the address provided.

The nightly dharma talk, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., is open to the public. However, only full retreat participants may ask questions or join in any discussion. Those attending only the dharma talk must remain muted. To register for entry to the dharma talks, click here.