April 10, 2021


Name Emma Pittaway Phone 0435 177 745 Email emma_pittaway@yahoo.com.au



A Forest Retreat

Go into a forest or to the root of a tree
and establish your mindfulness directly. (Buddha)

This retreat is being taught by Patrick Kearney assisted by Emma Pittaway.

The Forest Meditation Centre is a beautiful retreat centre in the forest outside Lismore. Facilities are simple and accommodation is a mix of camping and meditation huts.

We will practise mindfulness meditation (satipaṭṭhāna) with an emphasis on awareness of body. The five physical sensitivities ground us in the here-and-now and give us a foundation for exploring the sixth sensitivity, heart/mind.

The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced students. A practice workshop each morning will take you through a graduated presentation of mindfulness practice, starting from the very beginning. Individual interviews with Patrick and Emma will refine your understanding of the meditation method. A dharma talk each evening will deepen the understanding you gain from the practice.

The day will begin with a bodywork session as part of mindfulness of body. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing for these sessions.

Cost: $520 + dāna (“gift”) for Patrick and Emma. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, the teaching is considered too valuable to be bought or sold. It can be received and transmitted only as a gift.

Further information & booking: call Emma Pittaway on 0435 177 745, or email her at emma_pittaway@yahoo.com.au.


Near Lismore, northern NSW.