Remembering the Present: An online retreat held 7 to 16 July 2023.

“Mindfulness” translates the Pāli word sati, which literally means “memory.” Why is memory so important to the Buddha’s way of practice and realisation? Mindfulness remembers the present rather than the past. When we remember our awareness then we learn to live in the experienced present rather than the past and future of our dreams and nightmares. And it is only here, now, that practice and realisation take place.

This retreat was organised with the support of the Perth Insight Meditation Group.It was held in the WA/SE Asia time zone.

The Winter of Our Content: A 14-day retreat held at Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie

These are the teachings delivered during the depths of winter in beautiful Australian countryside in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. The weather was cold; conditions were simple. Ideal circumstances for practice.

Deepening Mindfulness: An online retreat held 12-21 May 2023

Here are the talks and workshops delivered for the May online retreat. Despite the title of this retreat, the evening talks focus on insight rather than mindfulness itself. The original plan gave way to recent changes, demonstrating the power of impermanence.

Understanding Insight: An online retreat delivered 3-12 March 2023

These talks and workshops focus largely on the nature and practice of insight as understood by the Buddha.  Please note that due to a technical problem the talk on The Middle Way is an earlier version recorded at a previous retreat.

Practising Mindfulness: A retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Blue Mountains NSW, 13-22 January 2023

These talks and workshops were delivered at BMIMC in January 2023. Please note that the two talks on Vacchagotta about fire were recorded at an earlier retreat – because of technical problems at BMIMC.

Cultivating Mindfulness: A retreat at Jhana Grove Meditation Centre, Serpentine WA, 11-20 November 2022

These are the talks and workshops delivered at Jhana Grove in November 2022.

The Way of Mindfulness: An online retreat conducted 21-30 October 2022

Here are the workshops and talks conducted for The Way of Mindfulness, an online retreat.

Mindfulness is central to the Buddha’s path to liberation. In this online retreat we practised mindfulness as understood by the Buddha himself. Since an online retreat is a domestic retreat, conducted in the midst of our everyday cares, we explored ways to apply mindfulness to the challenges and stresses of ordinary life.

Going Deeper: A 28-day retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

These are the talks and workshops delivered for the one-month retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, 2-30 September 2022.

Exploring Presence: A 6-day meditation retreat

This retreat was co-taught with Emma Pittaway. The retreat was held at the Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay, for six days during August 2022.